What We Do

Types of Programs

We’re pretty open to helping you out however we can, but most of the time we generate leads in a few standard ways:


  • Content Syndication
  • Webcast Recruitment
  • TeleGenerationSM (BANT, Appointment Setting)
  • True ABMSM

Better Data


All of our services use our “best-in-the-whole-world” database. See, our parent company owns a bunch of top notch B2B reseller businesses. They sell millions and millions in business products every year, and their clients sign up for our database. There’s your Easy Bake recipe for a database of 100% B2B decision makers, including install base information that makes our targeting terrific.

Better Process


Sure, our database is the business, but we go even further to deliver the best leads possible. Every one of our leads is QA’ed before it ever makes it to a report. On top of that, most of our programs come with TeleNurtureSM (the only buzzword you’ll hear from us), which means less false positives. Plus we deliver LinkedIn profiles with every record with our LinkedleadsSM feature. We deliver more intelligence than publisher lead gen programs can possibly deliver.

In a nutshell,

We take a “relationship-building” approach, utilizing multiple types of media to provide relevant information tailored to prospective clients, while engaging in an ongoing dialog until qualified prospects are “sales-ready.”