Intent Data: A Win-Win for Both Marketers and Customers

Are you leveraging intent data yet? According to industry research:

If so many agree intent data is valuable, why are so few folks harnessing it? Ascend2’s recent study The B2B Marketer’s State of Intent Data reports the top challenge B2B marketing teams face when implementing intent is creating a strategy for the use of intent data. Other challenges include:

    • Unfamiliarity with intent data
    • Measuring impact of intent data
    • Converting data to insights efficiently
    • Verifying validity of intent signal/insights
    • Acting on intent signal/insights
    • Identifying keywords/topics that signal intent

If you’ve shied away from intent data for any of the above reasons, now’s the time to embrace it! Intent data is a powerful tool promising marketing and sales intelligence and revenue growth. Some of its most effective use cases include:

    • Lead generation
    • Digital advertising
    • Customer account identification and expansion
    • Account prioritization and scoring
    • Messaging personalization and optimization

Intent data can help marketers better tailor their messaging to prospect preferences and improve conversion. In concert, the customized messaging provides more valuable, educational content for prospects. Sounds like a win-win to us!

If you’d like to learn more about intent data or have ideas for how to help make marketers’ jobs easier, send us a note. We love hearing from our smart marketing friends!