Top 3 Barriers to Lead Gen Success and How to Overcome Them

BrightTALK’s B2B Lead Gen Trends Report  found the three major barriers to lead gen success are:

  1. Lack of resources, such as staff, funding and time
  2. Lack of high quality data
  3. Limited insight into target audiences

These barriers are daunting, but you can overcome them. Here’s how:

Lack of Resources

Lead gen campaigns require many different skill sets and lots of time to be successful. So, it’s important to prioritize what’s possible with the resources and skills you do have. Here’s how winning marketers can do more, with less:

  • Make programs more efficient by connecting with clients and understanding your ideal targets
  • Get more content by building relationships with industry influencers
  • Build brand voice and interact directly with your market via social media
  • Eliminate skills gaps and increase efficiency by working with a marketing agency

Lack of High Quality Data

In our 2016 B2B Technology Buyers Survey we found:

  • 41% of buyers plan to change jobs in the next 12-months.
  • 81% of buyers say they use false information to download content, “often.”

A good lead gen vendor will always deliver accurate lead data, so you don’t waste resources on mystery records.

Limited Insight into Target Audiences

According to Altimeter, 67% of marketers say audience identification and targeting are top priorities. Here are a few ways you can learn more about your prospect accounts and contacts:

  • Align and evolve your company’s ideal customer profile by talking to sales leaders regularly
  • Understand prospect behavior and content preferences by normalizing metrics and integrating reporting
  • Improve your offer by asking clients how your solution helps them win

We hope these suggestions help you on your journey to lead gen success. Do you have other ideas that help make lead gen easier? Let us know and we’ll add them here.