Marks of a Marketing Qualified Lead

An IT guy walks into a tradeshow and asks a marketer, “Can I get some more info?”

This is not a good joke. However, it is a good example of a marketing qualified lead (MQL)!

According to Deloitte, 81% of CMOs say MQLs have a significant impact on C-suite conversations relating to marketing strategy. But what exactly are MQLs and how can we identify their signals?

MQLs aren’t just any Tom, Dick, or Harry nodding at you as they walk by your tradeshow booth – they’re the folks who want to know more about your solution and how it can help make their jobs easier. Not only are they open to learning more about your business, they’ve taken a step or two to engage – without buying, that is.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be at a tradeshow to find them! There are lots of actions an MQL will take to engage, including spending a lot of time on your website. In fact, 93% of B2B buying processes start with an online search. Here are some other marks of MQLs:

        1. Downloading your whitepaper, eBook, or software trial
        2. Filling out the form on your landing page
        3. Subscribing to your email newsletter
        4. Repeat visits to your website
        5. Contacting you to request more info

As you can see, MQLs are the folks taking the first steps to become a customer and are primed for more contact. So, will you follow up?

Learn about MQLs and the kind of content they want to see from you in our TCI Guide: How to MQL.

We’re excited to dig into MQLs more with you in the future, but in the meantime, we hope this info helps as you create a quality lead database. If you have any thoughts on MQLs or any other subjects that will help make marketers’ jobs easier, send us a note. We love hearing from our smart marketing friends!