Industry Survey Defines Success for B2B Marketing: Vendors Unique Attributes and ROI Key in Vendor Satisfaction

A recent anonymous survey of more than 1,000 B2B marketers by TCI Marketing Services* suggests a simple definition for marketing vendor success. More than 66% of respondents say vendors are successful when “the outcome delivered has attributes and ROI they cannot achieve with a similar in-house marketing investment.” Further, more than 93% of responding marketers said they “always” continue working with vendors who deliver in these key areas. See, simple… And obvious. But maybe not that obvious to B2B lead gen firms.

After all, many lead generation vendors are quite successful selling leads an in-house marketing team could create on their own. Anyone can buy low cost, low quality, web scraped data, spray and pray a quickly written email, and consider anyone who opens it a “lead.” However, the rise of CAN SPAM and other marketing regulations keep most companies depending on vendors for lead generation.

Success for us means creating leads that an in-house marketing team cannot create themselves

This is a pretty lame status quo. But it gives a startup like ours something to aim for. Success for us means creating leads that an in-house marketing team cannot create themselves. They have to be more than just scraped data and “win a free TV” engagements. They need to include accurate information that a scraper isn’t going to find. They need to represent genuine interest. And they need to help marketers and sales development folks make that all-important first touch. This is the “attributes and ROI” stuff from the research.

We are so thrilled to see marketers defining success this way as we make our official market launch. Throughout our stealth and soft launch periods we’ve leveraged a one-of-a-kind database through a homegrown software platform, and used about to be patented processes to create leads with unmatched quality. Our leads are so accurate we recently started including every prospect’s LinkedIn profile URL for free. We figure this makes vetting and social selling easier for our clients. There’s that “attributes and ROI” stuff again. And maybe that’s why TCI Marketing Services has an almost 90% repeat rate with first-time clients and has been called the fastest growing lead gen provider in the industry.

*2016 ITmart Tech Marketing Survey