How To Set Your Content Syndication Program Up for Success

Looking to get a content syndication program going? Smart marketer! Content syndication as a marketing strategy is a no-brainer. According to Demand Gen Report, 30% of B2B marketers consider content syndication their most successful lead generation tactic. Putting your content in front of a wider audience through content syndication programs will generate more net-new leads than simply publishing the content to your website alone – that is, as long as you set your program up right. If you’re not sure how to do that, you’re in luck! Here are our five tips for how to set your content syndication program up for success:

1. Plan early

Trying to smash a 90-day content syndication program into 30-days? We don’t recommend it. Condensed timeframes are a threat to the success of your content syndication program. It’s a lot harder to catch the attention of all the folks who might be interested in your content when there’s not enough time to reach them with it!

So how early should you plan your content syndication program? We recommend 60-days before the start of your 90-day program.

2. Drill down on your targets

The days of spray-and-pray email marketing success are long gone. Drill down on your ideal customer profile (ICP) to set your program up with the filters you need to target marketing qualified leads (MQLs), such as managerial level, company size, revenue size, and job title. If you’re looking to target specific people or companies, have your target account list ready to go.

3. Choose relevant content

Genuinely help your audience by choosing content befitting of their needs. For instance, net-new leads are more likely to consume general info about what your company can do for them. Be sure to keep it short for them too – save longform content and details for further down the funnel. For more info on the types of content B2B tech buyers prefer, check out our TCI Guide: How to MQL.

4. Provide captivating abstracts

Abstracts are the quick intro to your content meant to catch your prospects’ attention. Unfortunately, many dull abstracts send what could have been a net-new lead over to your competitor’s content instead. Encourage your targets to check out your content with exciting and inspiring abstracts.

5. Follow up on your leads

Make sure you follow up fast! You’ve spent a good chunk of your marketing budget to get these leads – it would be a shame to let them go cold. Have a strategy in place and ready to deploy so once you’ve captured your leads, you aren’t missing out on any opportunities to make them customers.

Content syndication is a proven strategy to capture net-new leads, but to make the most of it, marketers must take these tips to heart. We hope this information helps you when you’re gearing up to run your next program. If you’d like to know more about how content syndication can help your marketing efforts, send us a note. We’re happy to help!