How to Create Compelling Content Your Customers Will Trust

In our 2018 B2B Tech Marketer Survey, we found out 62% of tech marketers say “creating content” is their #1 challenge. As a marketer, I consume a lot of industry content for research and educational purposes. I place the most value on the brands and industry websites who have simply given me a reason to trust them. I’m not alone, either: According to Content Marketing Institute, 96% of the most successful B2B content marketers say audiences view their company as a trusted resource. I return to specific resources and share their content because they’ve showcased authentic stories I can relate to and provided me with thought-provoking facts.

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, 72% of people engage with and share content several times a month. Yet, only 56% of people trust businesses to do what’s right. So, while marketers can use the content engagement and sharing trends to their advantage, how can they create content to conquer the current atmosphere of skepticism?

Marketers must create content that aligns with what people genuinely value: authentic storytelling and fact-based information.

The case for authentic storytelling

When was the last time a company made you feel seen?

Here’s the deal: Your customers are human, and humans value real stories. They appreciate it when they feel like your company sees them as more than just a revenue source. They want to feel like they’re engaging with another person, not a cyborg corporation. They want to feel like you can relate to their struggles and can provide real, honest solutions for them.

The proof is in our own engagement rates here at TCI – 90% of our most highly engaged social media posts are photos of the people at our company. The engagement comes when we tell stories about what we’re up to and how we’re helping each other at work, how we’re helping our clients succeed, and how we’re giving back to the community.

The case for fact-based information

It should go without saying: No one wants to be misled. Yet, there’s still a ton of inaccurate information out there making the rounds. The best advice I have for finding resources I can trust is to look deeply at the data they provide. Where did the writer get it? How did they come to their conclusions? Is there an obvious promotional slant to their story?

Now, look at the content you are producing. Do you provide information based on evidence and facts? Is your content based on original research, not just opinion? It’s imperative that your content provide factual evidence behind the messaging if you want to be trusted long term.

When you create content, remember to prioritize authentic storytelling and factual information. It’s how you’ll create trust in your company and in the solution you provide. When you create trust, not only will your content be engaged with and shared more often, but you will start to make a name for your brand as a thought leader. For more tips on how to create compelling content, check out our info page.

We hope this information helps you create more compelling content and trust within your brand. If you have any thoughts on how to make marketing easier, send us a note and we’ll add them here.